In true INTJ-T fashion, when finally slapped in the face by life, I sat down and compiled a list. A bucket list to sort all my shit out and align things into more straight forward goals.
This is how I do, and this is where it shall be hosted and upkept.


General Goals: 

  • Complete half of my Bucket List so I don't feel like I've never done anything interesting.
  • Become secured for life, financially (true retirement to do whatever, without need for making more money)
  • Become fit (actually find the motivation to stick to a workout routine long-term ; squat a reasonably impressive weight)
  • Update wardrobe to actually fit the style I want (cut down quantity, and cycle through clothing more often to be able to change/adapt)
  • Advance my art to the level of professional artisan quality, in at least 10 styles. (Main focus: digital, but explore traditional media too)
  • (1/5) - Create 5 Masterpieces in any artistic medium. 
  • Eventually have a space that is perfect and is ours. [Ideally in a location that is either interesting/busy(city) or calm/away from people(nowhere); with perfect storage/organization of everything; with good internet for gaming/art/working/internetting]
  • DONE - Find a mate I can respect and share the rest of my life with (That was done earlier than expected! xP)

Art Studies that I want to Explore or Master:

  • Loish style of digital painting humans+colour
  • Eyvind Earle's style of simplification of landscapes + shapes + colour
  • Mucha style use of objects/textures/fabrics/framing
  • Da Vinci style sketching/concepts/forms
  • 'Action shot' style of card/game/poster/character design
  • WIP - Find 'my' Stylized Cartoon/Comic Book style (my hardline style is half way there, not perfect yet)
  • Concept Landscape/Location painting (messy but interesting, not boring repetition)
  • Copic Marker illustrations/techniques (blending, use of colour, practice until it becomes a relaxing wind-down)
  • Refine/Expand my Ink/Calligraphy/Splatter/Stencil/watercolour Traditional Paintings
  • Semi-realism/Fantasy Realism rendering of animals (digital painting)
  • Semi-realism/Fantasy Realism rendering of humans/anthros (digital painting)
  • Find 'my' style of digital painting (no linework/structure, just free form)
  • DONE - Simple Chibi/Cartoon style
  • DONE - Natural Illustration/Concept sketches/linework/process

Things I would like to do at least once:

  • Illustrate all the art assets in a complete publication
  • Create a complete painting series in traditional/physical media
  • Be able to take my Dad on a trip/vacation that I planned/organized and paid for
  • Snorkel / Scuba Dive
  • Interact with a Dolphin
  • Interact with an Elephant (something like the Mason Elephant Lodge, in Indonesia)
  • Interact with one of the other Greater Apes 
  • Explore/visit/swim in a cenote

Things I would like to learn/earn:

  • Learn Archery (Short and/or compound)
  • Learn to shoot a pistol/handgun, rifle and shotgun + get my PAL/equivalent 
  • Learn how to move my body/trust my body better (like safety rolls/obstacle runs/be less stiff)
  • Learn how to sing (Not for fame, but to sound nice when I inevitably sing along to things)
  • Learn how to be more expressive and not bottle my emotions up

Places I would like to visit at least once:

North America:

  • Drumheller + Dino museums in that area
  • Edmonton Mall/Super Mall
  • Toronto Zoo + Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
  • Quebec Food Trip! (get fat on 500x of poutine! + other stuff I guess)
  • Nova Scotia/Newfoundland/New Brunswick/PEI (Coast to coast trip)
  • San Diego Zoo/Sea World 

Central/South America:

  • Peru (to see in person: the landscape ie hiking ; Incan ruins/artifacts/museum like Sacred Valley + Cusco)
  • Mexico (to see in person: Mayan/Olmec/Aztec ruins, artifacts, museum)


  • Geological Museum of Warszawa, Poland
  • Salt Mines of Poland
  • West Midland Safari Park, England (with safari drive-through + lemur walk-through)
  • 1-3 'European' Castles (UK/Germany/Poland/etc)
  • Stone Henge
  • Legoland, Denmark
  • Somewhere in the Mediterranean


  • China (to see in person: the landscape, rice fields, palace/architecture, Great Wall)
  • Japan (to see in person: Modern city like Tokyo, palace/architecture, ancient calligraphy/arts)
  • Japan Food Trip!


  • Egyptian Exhibition/Museum (something like the one Oxford, etc featuring the tomb ornamentation/sculptures/hieroglyphs/mummies/etc)
  • One or many Dino-themed parks/museums! (too many for me to comb through, but they're all over Europe)
  • India - So much to see, nothing specific
  • African Roadtrip/travel