Tattoo Designs

Designs featured on this page have each been specifically custom-made for someone, with the intent of becoming a tattoo. Pretty cool! With this in mind, please respect that these designs are not intended for re-sale or re-tattoo. Enjoy the gallery and be inspired. <3

If you are interested in having me design something custom for you, keep reading down to the FAQ below. Then reach out to me with the requisite information, and we'll see if we can make something happen. :)

Tattoo Design FAQs

Designs start @ $250USD , invoiced to an email via Paypal.
- An exact quote will be provided for your project once we iron out what you're after and I assess how long it will take me.
- Initial deposit of $50USD is non-negotiable and non-refundable even if we do not move past initial concept stages.

Each design is made entirely custom for you and will not be resold or made into products without your express written permission.
- ((Pre-made or freeware font for writing may be an exception but sources & files will be included in these cases))

Keep in mind, I am working with you to make the design for your next tattoo only.
This does not include having it inked into your skin!
You will need to take your design to someone else in person to have that done separately.

I usually supply you with the largest quality working-file PSD, as well as PNGs of the separated linework and coloured versions, which should cover most needs. However, I will do my best to accommodate any specific needs your tattoo artist might request.

Make sure you have a space, size and design in mind. Be as descriptive as possible!
Bring whatever samples/examples you can find, (moodboards are loved!),
as well as any other specific details you are certain you want included,
and then we can go from there! :) 

Send your tattoo commission inquiries to my email :


If there is a piece of my art that you would like to get tattoo'd, firstly, I'm flattered. <3
However, I would like to request you do not tattoo designs featured on this particular page, since they were custom-made for someone very specifically and they often have very close-to-the-heart details worked in. (Obviously, I can't exactly stop you. >.<)

That being said, all my other art I consider fair game, and simply an expression of your fandom of my artwork, so I'd be ecstatic to see what you get done!
If you would like to send me a Tattoo Tip, I would be happy to check if I have a large-resolution file still kicking around for the piece you have in mind. Either email me and I'll invoice ya for $35 to getcha the file, or simply send me a no-file tip via :