If you are interested in having me illustrate something for you, keep reading down to the FAQ below. Then reach out to me with the requisite information, and we'll see if we can make something happen. :)

Illustration FAQs

Illustrations are my main mode of artistic practice, constantly integrating new techniques and styles.
Illustrations will be treated as poster-designs, as gallery pieces, as examples of my current work.
As such, I will display them in my galleries, and I may or may not create prints out of them, as per my discretion.
- If you do not wish me to display your illustration in my galleries, you can opt to buy a Private Illustration (extra 20% fee).
- If you do not complete payment as agreed, I will likely resell my artwork however I see fit. No dine and dashing D<

The finished product will be a single large-resolution image (JPG/PNG), sent via email.
- If you require the working-file in a specific format (PSD/CLIP/etc), there will be an extra charge.

Unless otherwise specified or negotiated, Illustrations will be 4000x5600px @300dpi.
- Other sizes are probably doable, but since possibilities are endless, simply ask for what you'd like and we can talk it out.

Illustrations usually take me anywhere between 10-100hrs, so complexity really decides how long a piece will take me, and correspondingly, how much I will charge. A good rule of thumb is assuming about $25/hr with a single character with deco background taking ~10hrs, and an intricate page-fill mandala full of snakes & wings & robots will probably take ~100hrs.

Expect illustration commissions to take about a month! I may be faster or slower, but life is life, so I will keep you updated regularly.

Illustrations start @ $250USD , and vary widely depending on what is being drawn.
- All payments will be invoiced to an email via Paypal.
- An exact quote will be provided for your commission once we iron out what you're after and I assess how long it will take me.
- Initial up-front deposit of $50USD is non-negotiable and non-refundable even if we do not move past the sketch stage.
- Once our negotiations are complete and deposit is paid, I will begin work on your illustration. You may request upto 3 revisions during the sketching and preliminary blocking stages. Once I receive your final approval in writing, completion of payment will be necessary before I continue your work. I will then complete the piece to the best of my abilities and there will be no more edits/corrections.

Make sure you have your illustration in mind. Be as descriptive and specific as possible!
Bring whatever samples/examples you can find, (moodboards are loved!), as well as any other details you want included.
(Granting me artistic liberty is a negotiated state between me & you. If you want me to use my own judgement or make something up entirely from scratch, then tell me, and trust me. But if you want something specific, be specific. I can't read minds :P)

Send your illustration commission inquiries to my email :