Chibi Art

This project is a study in stylized figures, typically fantasy and sci-fi RP-esque original characters. Chibi Art commissioned through special projects may come with a bit of colour or shapes as background** but is focused on the character. You provide as much information and reference material as you'd like and I draw your character as I understand it.  This style of commission is "Full Artist Creative Control" which is detailed here. If you require an exact representation of the image in your mind or a one-on-one process to refine that image, you may be looking for a character design.

To be eligible for this type of commission, the character must have at least 1 visual reference (even if that 1 reference image is a collage of pictures that each show one piece/part of the character).
If you are unsure what your character looks like and need help pinning down the details, I consider it to be a Character Design.

Chibi Art can be of humans, anthros, robots, aliens, beasts, pets, animals, creatures, etc. I'll draw 'most everything.

All prices are in $USD. Payment should be through Paypal (Canadians may inquire about other options).   
Payment  for Chibi Art will be due in full upfront once I have confirmed that I can take on your commission.

**A simple to moderate background can be added for an extra fee, negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

If you require commercial rights to a piece of Chibi Art, there will be an additional $25/piece fee that allows me to keep a lower resolution copy for display/portfolio purposes but otherwise transfers all rights to you upon completion of payment. Other rights options are explained, here.


Ready to order some Chibi Art? Fill out the form below to forward your order to me directly. 

The form below assumes that you will be ordering 1 piece for 1 character, so if you are ordering more than that you may either send me multiple forms (preferred if you are ordering more than 1 style) or make a note within the 'Anything Else' box to let me know if your multiple characters will be in the same piece or all individual. 

As soon as I confirm that I can take your order, I will send you an email that summarizes and confirms the order, as well as a Paypal request for the total payment to the email you provided in the form.
As soon as payment comes through I will be able to get to work!

If my work orders are full, I will also reply to let you know.

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service listed above and within my FAQ.

Name *
If you have no preference, you may write-in 'Artist's Choice'
Please include as much info here as you like. I am happy to take small artistic liberties or pick my favourite outfit if you have more than one, etc.
Some of you have dollhouse profiles, or make use of similar journals to store your characters' info. If you have any of those, please list links for me here!
If you don't have your images hosted somewhere, please use a free service like imgur or photobucket to host the images and then list their urls here.
Example: '1 Super-Chibi of June', '2 Chibi of Bob.' etc
If yes, please indicate which you need and make sure to add it to your total at the end.
Don't worry, I'll double check, but please add this up so you know what you're expecting your total to be.