Sun&Moon Starter Pokemon Wallpapers!

2016 - Day 131:
So excited!!! So I made a bunch of wallpapers to share with you guys. Make sure to have a look through the carousel below, and if you find one you like, head down into the links to get to where you can download them. (Both 4k and 1920x1080 resolutions available)

To download the wallpapers, follow the links below: 

All 3 :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Rowlet :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Litten :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Popplio :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]


2016 - Day 101:
I'm working on some large pieces again, so we have a quick wallpaper today featuring Devilcat. Everyone knows this little bugger. He's the one that pees on the carpet, and rips curtains and jumps straight out of hell just to eviscerate your Achilles Heel from around a corner. 
Anyway, just a fun little piece, so enjoy! (And don't let those adorable eyes fool you)


2016 - Day 52:
Fixed up our setup today, so I decided to make a new desktop wallpaper! Trying out a loose style, something close to impressionism. I'm very happy with the result considering the amount of time it took me. Hope you like it too! 

Resolution : 1920 x 1080 300dpi. If you want to wallpaper it up too you can download it from my deviantart, here

To Gather Feathers

2016 - Day 23:
This is one of my OCs (original characters), Buu! She is mute and was born without a tail. As for her species, she's a kirin hybrid hence the curly horn and scaled shins. I went ahead and chose her today as my subject because I'm in need of a new wallpaper for my desktop (only 1920x1080), and she's been bouncing around inside of my head for a while now. She's trotting off in search of colourful feathers for her collection.