Training for Azurite

I am very happy with how this piece turned out. Each of the sections of this image would be considered a 'scene' in my books, since they are focused on telling a story, or even putting across a feeling, and not just showcasing the character.
I spent a lot of time attending to details, trying to make the backgrounds interesting while keeping them simple, and staying true to the characters. 
These images not only represent stages in the character's training, but coincide with some story lore for them as well, which always seems to inspire me to do better in the artwork to try to help represent that story.  

Character featured, Azurite 885

Practicing Arcane Shielding

I had a blast with this piece. It was a nice practice of painting as well as some effects I got to toy around with and test out.
In my mind, magic like this would sort of... whoosh out from the caster and thus throw all the loose snow underfoot outwards, exposing the grateful grass underneath.
Overall I am very happy with it and hope you enjoy it too!

Character featured, Mosag 586

The Hat is a Bit Much

Beginning work on a large project in the background, so my posts will be a little more scarce until I have stuff to show you from said project. 

In the meantime, here is a piece I completed today that I'm quite happy with. The sketchy linework is done in my natural style because I'm trying to practice and push myself out of drawing things in the same boring shapes that I'm used to. It was the shaded with a 1-layer/step painted shading technique, which helps give it the softer look I was hoping to achieve (as opposed to the hard edges cell-shading gives), since I wanted to try out a few different ways of showing backlighting. And it was all finished off with some simple painted backgrounds. 
They're not perfect, but I'm quite happy with it overall and got to practice a lot of different things in the process!

Character featured, Chiffon #1133

Practicing Cell-shading

I feel so much more relaxed to be able to just share work with you when I have something to show you, instead of being forced to come up with something everyday. 

So today (and part of yesterday), I decided to give my cell-shading some practice and so I have 2 coloured sketches I did as a warmup, and a fully-rendered fullbody as well. The one on the left is the fully rendered piece, with 2 layers of shading and 1.5 layers of highlights/lighting, and I'm quite happy with the result! I think my anatomy has made another jump forward, so while it's still far from perfect, I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

I'm thinking once I have a few more samples of offering up pagedolls in this cell-shaded style, which would be just like the guy on the left here, minus any background. Pagedolls make great headers or page-breaks in character journals, so I might actually guinea-pig the idea on a few of my own characters to test out how it goes. 

This character is called Mato, and he is owned by Eylaki on DeviantArt. He is a Vayron.

Muchaesque: Vulcan - Silks & Sands

2016 - Day 327:
Ohboy, these markings on this character... well that took awhile anyway. 

I'm trying to sort out a pricing scheme for these Muchaesque portraits. What they consist of is: A Fullbody Character, Simple speedpainted background, Textured outer background & an embellished frame that suits the character. So there's a lot to consider, but I'm hoping to have pricing sorted out soon.

'It's Perfect'

2016 - Day 326:
I am very happy with this piece. This is what I'm aiming to be the very top end possibilities of my experimentals, and this is a mid-way step in painting because from here I would begin to render in details and work towards a full painting. Granted, this has much more detail than most experimentals would get, but this is the absolute last stop if I get carried away.

Featuring Frost (owned by Daniaerys on dA), picking the perfect flower for a quest. 

'I don't -like- it!'

2016 - Day 325:
This is the Co-ordination step of Training for All-Seer! 
He was supposed to be baby All-Seer... but he seems to have made it into the teen stage here with those long lanky legs and giant paws.
Quake is doing what he does, trying to help out the youngin's to find their place in the world, but I'm not sure All-Seer is liking the pack all too much the first time around.

Someone in Need

2016 - Day 313:
Once again, featuring my Gravitas, today's piece shows him sweeping in without a second though to help someone in need; in this case, levering a fallen tombstone off of an injured Digger who's probably been stuck there all night.

I'm not as happy with this one, but there were several things I got to try out during the process of painting it, so onwards and upwards!