2016 - Day 270:
You see what I did there? :P Fun little tattoo design of a Koi-like fish. Drawn in red ink and then altered in photoshop. The original is actually much brighter than this and does not feature the circle background, but I like making my digital alterations drastically different from my sketches.

Kneeling Angel Tattoo Design

2016 - Day 254:
Completed a piece for final revision for a client that was looking to cover up an old tattoo with something fresh and new, so he decided to get a kneeling angel with a quote that means a lot to him. Most often at this stage we are all finished, but since I initially complete pieces to the way I like them, there are sometimes revisions after this point to fix features to the way the client prefers if that is their wish, so we'll see if this piece needs to be revisited for some changes.

For some reason when I downsized the image to display it's low-resolution version here it made the font go all choppy, so apologies there! 

Brother Owl Tattoo Design

2016 - Day 88:
I can finally share with you all one of the 2 big projects I have been working on. This one is a very special custom tattoo design. I am very proud of how this has turned out and it will definitely be finding it's way into my general portfolio shortly. I had several hiccups along the way but in the end I am very happy with how this ended up and hope you enjoy it too. :) 
(The second set of wings is an alternate design we toyed around with, so the final piece is just a regular owl, no extra wings ;P )

As always, please respect that this is not a free to use design, it was custom made for a client for their use only.