Stream Overlay - Mertoth 3

2016 - Day 150: 
Here we finally are! I am super happy with this overlay and hope you all like it as much as I do. 

This image is of course heavily watermarked and the final version will have the circular black area, the inside of the crystal and the inside of the box on the scroll replaced with various windows and cameras relevant to the stream. And the book is going to have information on the characters that are currently playing! I am so excited, guys!!!

Now that this base is done we can take it into AfterEffects and apply some lighting and atmosphere effects to make it more interesting to look at while we stream Mertoth! 

Stream Overlay - Mertoth 1

2016 - Day 97:
Whew, it's been a long past few days! This is the first stream overlay image for the D&D campaigns that StrikingCrayon is running. (For more info about Mertoth, head over to r/strikingcrayon).
I am very happy with it! We will be adding in a few more accessories and an extra spot for webcam, but here we are finally. In another week or two I will have the second stream overlay done for the same project and I'm excited to show you guys that one, too, so stay tuned!

Stream Overlay - Punchclockgamer

2016 - Day 38:
A project started long ago is finally all finished and ready to be shown off! 
If you remember the Ymir icon I made, here, then you will notice that this is the rest of that set of streaming images!  Please excuse all the watermarks, it'd be rather easy to steal otherwise. Thank you for being respectful :)

These were all done for punchclockgamer, whom you can find: here

If you are interested in getting a custom stream overlay, check out my Graphic Design page for details, HERE.