Sketch Page - Dec 8 2017

Phew! It's been quite a while since I've been active on my blog... and that needs to change. I'm working on getting back into my groove!

Got my new tablet today, an XP-Pen 22E, my first draw-on-monitor tablet (my other tablet I've been using for the last few years is an Intuos Pro). 
So I'm going to be spending the next few weeks getting used to this tablet to see how I like it!

I decided I need to do some sketching for warm up/cool down so I'll be uploading sketch pages here to my scraps. Enjoy! 

WIP: Ravenheart

2016 - Day 338:
Today is just a sketch of a concept I want to bring to life, but I'm undecided how I want to finish it yet, so this is a glance into how my late-stage sketches look like before I jump in to do neat and tidy linework. Though, I think this one is going to need another sketch rework to fix up some of the anatomy before final stages. There are often things you stop being able to see when you've been staring at the same image for too long, and this is definitely one of those images that needs to be set aside for a few days so that I can look at it with fresh eyes when I get back to it. 

Creature Design: Brineling

2016 - Day 268:
I've been playing around with this design for a while now and couldn't decide how to complete the piece. I went for this sketchy look because I like how it brings attention to the overall as opposed to the details. 

This species is 'Brine Dragonlings', or 'Brinelings', and I will sort out a species sheet for them in the next few days because I want to offer adoptables of these guys with unique traits, colours and edits. Anyway, if that sort of thing interests you, make sure to follow me along on deviantart, because I won't be posting adoptable batches on my blog very often. 


2016 - Day 263:
This started as a notebook sketch, got inked and then a picture taken of it to translate it over to the computer where I added in the layers of colour and some extra texture into the background to bring this piece to life. The bit of grain all over is actually from the texture of the paper it was originally drawn on, and I quite liked the addition it provided to the piece overall. So I hope you enjoy this little bit of abstract art I've named 'Entanglement'.

Initial Character Concept Sheet - Bronze Dragonborn

2016 - Day 164:
This is an initial concept sheet for a bronze dragonborn character in my in-person D&D 5E game. I am planning on making a similar sheet for the other players, and maybe to round it all out I'll make one for my character as well even though I already know what she looks like. 

Anyway, this is where all of my design work starts for characters if I don't already have a visual reference for them. I begin with what the basic race looks like, adjust body type appropriately, pick out the unique features (usually the face, sometimes other features too) to offer several options/variations, and then sort out potential outfits. These refs don't have weapons since I don't like to pinpoint my attention to those until after we get the general image of the character since their style should influence their weapons, I think. These initial concepts do not always stick around, but they are at least a jump-point to get started and I find them very helpful to unravelling just what a character looks like. 

Expression Sheet - Ratmen

2016 - Day 152:
Expression sheet of what Ratmen look like in Mertoth. (more info: r/strikingcrayon)
((In the background I'm working on the Mega-Dungeon maps which will debut this Friday! WE're doing a 24-hour D&D 5e stream, so make sure to come check us out! You'll get to see some of these furry faces snarling among some other drama and fighting ;) ))