ShadowNET Snoos Batch #2

2016 - Day 267:
Wayyy back when (near, if not at, the very beginning of this blog, actually!) I had done a batch of Snoos based on RPG characters for the game of Shadowrun being run on r/shadownet, and I was back again yesterday and today doing a brand new batch of some of the newer characters! 
These were a lot of fun to do! If you were still interested in getting one made of your character(s), they are being offered for $5 (they count as a Super Chibi), and you can order them directly from my chibi art page! 

Apoch and a free raffle!

I'm working on making a reference sheet with examples of the different stages of character art and decided it would be fun to stream while I did so. What came of it was a character of my husband's named Apoch. He had formerly had no reference for him, so this is his first artistic appearance! 

During that process I had also posted up a chance for other Runners to show me one of their characters in a reddit thread. At the end of the deadline I went ahead and raffled between them to draw a halfbody of one of them, and that lucky winner was Frostily, with his character Kaihime. 
She was a fun study in armor and blank cold stare.

And to wrap things up tonight, I also painted a hippocampus who will be featuring as one of Apoch's summoned spirits soon. 

EDIT: I went through my pieces this morning to look them over again, and I finally figured out the details that were bothering me. I couldn't put my finger on it last night when I was working on them, but this morning I think I ironed them out. I had finished Kaihime in something of a mixture between sketch and linework which was giving her a very strange overall look to her. I realized I had gone overboard on some parts and it wasn't consistent all the way through. So this morning I went back and refinished the piece in linework. Moving a few things around and resizing here and there really brought the piece together and I'm quite happy with it now. Enjoy! 

Have a gander, and as always, throw me questions and inquiries through my Contact page :)