Training for Azurite

I am very happy with how this piece turned out. Each of the sections of this image would be considered a 'scene' in my books, since they are focused on telling a story, or even putting across a feeling, and not just showcasing the character.
I spent a lot of time attending to details, trying to make the backgrounds interesting while keeping them simple, and staying true to the characters. 
These images not only represent stages in the character's training, but coincide with some story lore for them as well, which always seems to inspire me to do better in the artwork to try to help represent that story.  

Character featured, Azurite 885

'I don't -like- it!'

2016 - Day 325:
This is the Co-ordination step of Training for All-Seer! 
He was supposed to be baby All-Seer... but he seems to have made it into the teen stage here with those long lanky legs and giant paws.
Quake is doing what he does, trying to help out the youngin's to find their place in the world, but I'm not sure All-Seer is liking the pack all too much the first time around.