Initial Character Concept Sheet - Bronze Dragonborn

2016 - Day 164:
This is an initial concept sheet for a bronze dragonborn character in my in-person D&D 5E game. I am planning on making a similar sheet for the other players, and maybe to round it all out I'll make one for my character as well even though I already know what she looks like. 

Anyway, this is where all of my design work starts for characters if I don't already have a visual reference for them. I begin with what the basic race looks like, adjust body type appropriately, pick out the unique features (usually the face, sometimes other features too) to offer several options/variations, and then sort out potential outfits. These refs don't have weapons since I don't like to pinpoint my attention to those until after we get the general image of the character since their style should influence their weapons, I think. These initial concepts do not always stick around, but they are at least a jump-point to get started and I find them very helpful to unravelling just what a character looks like.