Character Portrait: Gibford Miller

2016 - Day 258:
This piece is long overdue, and as is often the case, after a long time of a piece sitting still I will scrap it and redo it from scratch, and that's exactly what I did here. I redid the entire portrait in my new style, which I have named 'Hardline Style' (because I like labelling/sorting things for sake of tidiness and order).
But  I digress... Here is the ever-curious Gibford Miller, whom departed from his world amidst a mystery full of rats, magic, demons and sinister plots. Gibford Miller is a character owned/played by u/Rokkos, in the one-shots consistent universe of a D&D setting named Mertoth, which you can find more information about here! Come play with us!

As a bonus for those of you who saw the initial portrait that was being made, here is a small side-by-side. I was really unhappy with how it was coming out painted/lineless (as you can see I only got through the top half of him), so it just sat there forever and a day until I came across it today and decided it would be perfect to re-envision in my new style. 

Mertoth MegaDungeon Accessory Pack - Ratman

2016 - Day 154:
This is the Fiendish Ratman Accessory pack for the MegaDungeon stream that is currently in play! For the next 22 hours (I'm posting this 2hrs late, sorry!), StrikingCrayon will be streaming this megadungeon in play! Come watch our players try to work their way through the many levels, puzzles and various challenges to see what they can do about this demon portal they've been hearing about in Mertoth.

Make sure to come check us out @ & r/strikingcrayon. Streaming until at least midnight on Friday! 

Expression Sheet - Ratmen

2016 - Day 152:
Expression sheet of what Ratmen look like in Mertoth. (more info: r/strikingcrayon)
((In the background I'm working on the Mega-Dungeon maps which will debut this Friday! WE're doing a 24-hour D&D 5e stream, so make sure to come check us out! You'll get to see some of these furry faces snarling among some other drama and fighting ;) ))

Stream Overlay - Mertoth 3

2016 - Day 150: 
Here we finally are! I am super happy with this overlay and hope you all like it as much as I do. 

This image is of course heavily watermarked and the final version will have the circular black area, the inside of the crystal and the inside of the box on the scroll replaced with various windows and cameras relevant to the stream. And the book is going to have information on the characters that are currently playing! I am so excited, guys!!!

Now that this base is done we can take it into AfterEffects and apply some lighting and atmosphere effects to make it more interesting to look at while we stream Mertoth! 

Magical Item Design - Sword of Impotent Haste

2016 - Day 127:
Today I got to design a magical item that was discovered in a Mertoth game by one of our players.
As a little bonus to my blog-followers, I've also included the 'pristine' version of the sword (on the right outside of the box) which is where I started in my design process and then I added in all the damage, decay and rust until I was happy with the final result. Hope you like it! 

Stream Overlay - Mertoth 1

2016 - Day 97:
Whew, it's been a long past few days! This is the first stream overlay image for the D&D campaigns that StrikingCrayon is running. (For more info about Mertoth, head over to r/strikingcrayon).
I am very happy with it! We will be adding in a few more accessories and an extra spot for webcam, but here we are finally. In another week or two I will have the second stream overlay done for the same project and I'm excited to show you guys that one, too, so stay tuned!

Landscape Concept - Imperium of Man

2016 - Day 87: 
This is just the first piece of one of those larger projects I was talking about a few weeks back. 
Landscape concept art for the Imperium of Man, which is a D&D setting made and maintained by StrikingCrayon. This particular piece is the footer for the subreddit, and it's matching header will be updated tomorrow so hold tight for that! 

This project is going to be an online consistent game where you can create your own characters and even star in games on twitch. For more information head over to /r/strikingcrayon and subscribe to be the first to get updates. The first games will be coming along very soon, so go make those characters!