Practicing Arcane Shielding

I had a blast with this piece. It was a nice practice of painting as well as some effects I got to toy around with and test out.
In my mind, magic like this would sort of... whoosh out from the caster and thus throw all the loose snow underfoot outwards, exposing the grateful grass underneath.
Overall I am very happy with it and hope you enjoy it too!

Character featured, Mosag 586


2016 - Day 271:
I finally got around to declaring this piece as finished! This is the next piece in my splatter style traditional paintings. I love the loose and messy look to ink when I move it around the canvas like this, so I am very excited to work on more paintings in this style. Materials used included ink, watercolours, pens, and pencil. Hope you like it!


2016 - Day 263:
This started as a notebook sketch, got inked and then a picture taken of it to translate it over to the computer where I added in the layers of colour and some extra texture into the background to bring this piece to life. The bit of grain all over is actually from the texture of the paper it was originally drawn on, and I quite liked the addition it provided to the piece overall. So I hope you enjoy this little bit of abstract art I've named 'Entanglement'.

WIP: The Gatherer

2016 - Day 256:
Now, I don't like posting a WIP (work in progress) as my piece of the day, but considering this is almost the only thing I worked on all day.... here we are! As you can see, I've worked out the basic colours and the approximate shapes/lines and am in the middle of rendering everything out. Snakes and some of the accessories have been rendered, at least preliminary rendering, but they may yet get some texturing or touchups when we get to the end of the first round of rendering. I am very excited to be working on a painting like this since it is giving me a chance to stretch my fingers out and really put to the test all the things I've been learning and studying over the last several months. 


2016 - Day 244:
The new setup is all complete so our living room and my work-room are all redone and in working order! With my new monitor I have some new learning and adapting with my tablet, so we're working on that, but hopefully I should get settled in pretty quickly so that I can start producing the new content that I want to bring you guys! 

In the meantime, here is a portrait/painting that I named 'Frustration'. To me, it shows a strength amid chaos with lack of control leaking it's way out to create the complex situation that frustration often leaves us awkwardly standing in. 

Concept Skeleton: Quillon

2016 - Day 70:
I'm really liking how this guy is developing, so today's piece of the day is a quick skeleton mock-up of my Quillon. This species is very flexible and has that whip-like length like serpents. You may also notice that several of the vertebrae have extra long nibs at the top, because they extend into cartilage and hard tissue that forms the protrusions along the spine (see my other pieces tagged 'quillon'). Another notable feature that isn't displayed here is the folding teeth inside of their mouths. Mostly opportunistic, they seldom have need for sharp teeth so they are kept folded down the majority of the time