Action Headshots

I'm working on stretching my fingers toward doing more impactful, meaningful or just fun personal art. Decided to kick it off with some 'action' headshots of two of my critter characters from the Bagbeans ARPG, Antheia (left) and Flint Boulderbane (right). 
Antheia is a contract devil, and is a scheming if flirty gal. 
Flint Boulderbane is a smol angry dwarf, specializing in combat with hammers, and of course looking after that glorious beard. 

Pixel Art Icon - Charm

2016 - Day 142:
Not my usual stuff, but I got to practice some pixel art today! I'm very happy with the results, hope you like them too. 
I took the liberty of blowing the image up so that it's more easily visible to see what I've made here, but you can see I also included the original size which is 50x50 pixels as well. 
This is a very standard pixel size, perfect for 50x50 icons as well :) 
Character named Charm is (c) OkamiTammi, and species is (c) griffsnuff

Reaper Icon

2016 - Day 107:
I got to play some Overwatch beta this weekend, and homg am I excited for this game. It's as amazing to play as I thought it would be, and as much fun to play as it was to watch. I can't wait for this game to come out, so in the meantime I thought I would make a free to use avatar/icon. Here is Reaper! 
Original size is 600x600px, so feel free to resize if you need to :) Enjoy!

Vintage Illustration Icon - Rainart

2016 - Day 39:
Something a little different today! I would love to design some product labels or other such assets in this style. It's a simple version of my vintage illustrations where I use hard outlines with line or hatch shading. This one goes a step further and includes some block colour to round it all off, and I thought it complimented nicely with the alternating pattern in the background. I think it gives an overall handdrawn but classy look. 
As for the subject, this is one of my OCs (original characters), named Rainart! He usually has a few more accessories, but sometimes less is more so I left them out this time around. Enjoy! :)