'Collect' - Inktober 2016 #3

2016 - Day 276:
'Collect' portrays a dragon happily napping away in the company of their stuffed animal collection. Who says a spiky exterior is mirrored on the inside?

If you are interested in purchasing this original piece listed at $20USD + shipping, please email me (ola@darkmoondancer.com) to sort out details.

Original piece as shown. Black ink, on 9x12inches 90lb acid-free paper. 

Creature Design: Brineling

2016 - Day 268:
I've been playing around with this design for a while now and couldn't decide how to complete the piece. I went for this sketchy look because I like how it brings attention to the overall as opposed to the details. 

This species is 'Brine Dragonlings', or 'Brinelings', and I will sort out a species sheet for them in the next few days because I want to offer adoptables of these guys with unique traits, colours and edits. Anyway, if that sort of thing interests you, make sure to follow me along on deviantart, because I won't be posting adoptable batches on my blog very often. 

Asiatic Dragon Chibi

2016 - Day 42:
A little bit of practice drawing dragons ended up with this adorable chibi. He's not a true dragon from any culture or lore, but he's mostly inspired by the chinese and japanese noodle dragons. I had fun adding in the bit of prismatic effect on his fur, hope you like it! :)
(Fun fact: I tried drawing in long whiskers for him, but it just... I just... it was bad. Hahaha, they were throwing everything off so they got ditched in the end.)