Esk + Griffia Commission Sheets

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So over the last 2 years I've been playing a lot of ARPGs on, which are Art Roleplaying Games.

What is an Art Roleplaying Game?
Well, it's a community built up around a species that has incorporated goals and rewards upon completing artwork of your character. So as you complete these goals you will earn experience points in one form or another which will unlock new features of the game, or upgrades for your character. 

Now, I know that this may sound like a strange concept to newcomers, how is it a game when you have to put in work to play it? Well, isn't it work that you put in when you spend hours questing in a video game? It's the same concept here, simply that the effort that goes in is storytelling and artwork which allows players to push their boundaries and develop their creativity as their character grows with them! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing these ARPGs, and I have definitely made leaps and bounds of progress in various art styles due to my participation in them. 

Now that I have gotten comfortable with these particular games, I wanted to offer specialty commissions specifically priced for each including several styles I do not offer elsewhere at this time. So I took into account my comfort zones, as well as how much time and stress any given type of commission entails and put forward a short price list for this year. Putting everything together on one nice neat sheet like this was extrememly satisfying, and I hope it makes everything very clear and straightforward for anyone looking to commission artwork of their Esk or Griffians. 

I have also made myself an ARPG page here on my website to give a quick overview of what an ARPG is as well as links to all the ones I am currently playing! Check it out, > HERE <

Concept Designs - Valkyr's Blessing, Grace and Justice

Hit a bit of an art block yesterday so I started today off by revisiting some old sketches and I decided to hash out a concept I had for a Valkyrie character. So far we've got 3 items in this 'Armor/Outfit/Weapon set', not sure yet if I'll end up making any more pieces to go with them or if I will be using this for one of my other projects yet. But overall I think this was a very productive day and I've hopefully broken my art block. 

This is Valkyr's Blessing, a mighty set of copper wings that will deflect attacks or offer flight to the user.

This is Valkyr's Grace, a beautiful and practical mantle that is the center piece for this outfit set. It houses the source gem which is used to activate various abilities in the other pieces.

This is Valkyr's Justice, a swift and sturdy long-spear that can gain a ranged attack, perfect for pairing with a set of flight-ready wings.

'Creepy Vampire' - Inktober 2016 #27 & CDChallenge Entry

2016 - Day 299:
"Walking through the jungle is never a silent endeavor, but this time something was different. All those little hairs on the back of your neck have stood up and you're certain that something is following you.... then you hear it. It's a low cackle that transforms into a suddenly loud whooping.... but it's somehow.... hollow. You begin to run and hope that it's all in your head. 

Unfortunately, it's not. 

You trip over... well who knows what because you're too busy looking up at the creature that's got all dozen or so eyes on you. They blink out of turn but they aren't the worst part. Nor is the gaping mouth or the rasping, rattling breaths it takes. It isn't the disjointed limbs or it's strange bat-wing like ears. No. The worst part is that in one almost familiar hand it holds a heart that is still oozing blood. A human heart. And you know... you aren't the first."

I thought I would get two birds with one stone here and complete my entry into the CDChallenge as one of my inktober pieces! So, it turns out that it's not just humans that can be turned into a vampire. Woe unto those who stumble across a colony of vamp-baboons.

If you are interested in purchasing this original piece listed at $20USD + shipping, please email me ( to sort out details.

Original piece as shown, black ink on white 90lb paper, 9x12

Kneeling Angel Tattoo Design

2016 - Day 254:
Completed a piece for final revision for a client that was looking to cover up an old tattoo with something fresh and new, so he decided to get a kneeling angel with a quote that means a lot to him. Most often at this stage we are all finished, but since I initially complete pieces to the way I like them, there are sometimes revisions after this point to fix features to the way the client prefers if that is their wish, so we'll see if this piece needs to be revisited for some changes.

For some reason when I downsized the image to display it's low-resolution version here it made the font go all choppy, so apologies there! 

Reference Sheet - Shade the Evoloon

 2016 - Day 166 :
This is a minimalistic reference sheet for my newest character, Shade. She is an evoloon which is an open species pet/character (more info here).
The species is based on a mostly leonine skeleton with very flexible thumbs on all the feet. I loved the challenge of bringing this to life in my semi-realistic style since the original artist has a more playful and cute style. 
These critters 'evolve' or earn more traits through various challenges/goals, so I'm going to have fun developing this character. 

Species (c) Griffsnuff, Character (Shade) (c) me (darkmoondancer). 

Stream Overlay - Mertoth 3

2016 - Day 150: 
Here we finally are! I am super happy with this overlay and hope you all like it as much as I do. 

This image is of course heavily watermarked and the final version will have the circular black area, the inside of the crystal and the inside of the box on the scroll replaced with various windows and cameras relevant to the stream. And the book is going to have information on the characters that are currently playing! I am so excited, guys!!!

Now that this base is done we can take it into AfterEffects and apply some lighting and atmosphere effects to make it more interesting to look at while we stream Mertoth! 

Creature Design - Flesh Rasper

2016 - Day 135:
It's dark and eerily silent except for the ominous sound of something dripping nearby. Your own breathing sounds deafening... until you hear it. A dry... rasping... or is it a scratching? You cock your head to listen better and decide... maybe it's more of a scrubbing or scraping... Morbid curiousity is a dangerous trait, but a difficult one to tame. As your better judgement wrestles for control, the mystery shuffles closer. Just as you make up your mind to turn and run your eyes find themselves glued to an unimaginable sight. Time moves glacially as the details imprint themselves on your memory permanently. It's serpentine body is a mottled leather that combines all the colours and wrinkles of a month-old corpse. If that weren't bad enough, parts of the creature seem to glint ivory in the dim light and a tail whips out behind it scratching horribly along the concrete wall. As it pulls itself forward with two surprisingly dexterous clawed arms you realize you are holding your breath. You hope to all the pantheons that it hasn't noticed you, that maybe it's blind... But with one impossibly quick lunge the monstrosity has closed the distance and you catch your own reflection in its' hungry eyes. It was curiosity that killed the cat afterall. 
A creature I designed from scratch. I imagine they live where it's dark, dank and at least relatively dry. They wouldn't be opposed to living in sewers or underground caves, but they'd have nice dry nests. Then again, maybe some have adapted to living in wetter environments and enjoy never having that wrinkly skin dry out. I have dubbed them 'Flesh Raspers' for the sound their dry skin, clinking bone growths and rattled tail make. 

Magical Item Design - Sword of Impotent Haste

2016 - Day 127:
Today I got to design a magical item that was discovered in a Mertoth game by one of our players.
As a little bonus to my blog-followers, I've also included the 'pristine' version of the sword (on the right outside of the box) which is where I started in my design process and then I added in all the damage, decay and rust until I was happy with the final result. Hope you like it!