Premade Design: Shredder Daemonnae

2016 - Day 50:
I'm designing some species and selling some character designs through deviantart. I won't be sharing most of my design work here on my blog, so if you're interested in following my adoptables and premade character designs, make sure to watch me, here

In any case, here is a pack of Shredder Daemonnae.
Daemonnae is the family name of beings  that exist on another plane, named Daemonn.When they cross over to our plane they have to choose to take on a physical form. These beings usually try to imitate life forms that they have glimpsed in our world, but... they usually don't get it quite right... and tend to add more teeth, barbs and other pointy accessories. Another thing of note, is that Daemonnae have a wide range of power and strength, and their pack size is directly related to how much (or rather how little) power the individual has. The weaker an individual, the more likely it will be travelling about with more of it's peers. Safety in numbers, and all that.