'Rock' - Inktober 2016 #8

2016 - Day 280:
'Rock' portrays my envisioning of a rock giant! This creature and it's kind have been around for thousands of years, and in fact some even move so slowly that they have been mistaken for mountain ranges. I had originally planned on colouring this guy, but I couldn't decide what colours he'd be, so I decided to leave him as just lineart.

If you are interested in purchasing this original piece listed at $20USD + shipping, please email me (ola@darkmoondancer.com) to sort out details.

Original piece as shown. Black ink, on 9x12inches 90lb acid-free white paper. 

Creature Design: Brineling

2016 - Day 268:
I've been playing around with this design for a while now and couldn't decide how to complete the piece. I went for this sketchy look because I like how it brings attention to the overall as opposed to the details. 

This species is 'Brine Dragonlings', or 'Brinelings', and I will sort out a species sheet for them in the next few days because I want to offer adoptables of these guys with unique traits, colours and edits. Anyway, if that sort of thing interests you, make sure to follow me along on deviantart, because I won't be posting adoptable batches on my blog very often. 

Creature Design - Flesh Rasper

2016 - Day 135:
It's dark and eerily silent except for the ominous sound of something dripping nearby. Your own breathing sounds deafening... until you hear it. A dry... rasping... or is it a scratching? You cock your head to listen better and decide... maybe it's more of a scrubbing or scraping... Morbid curiousity is a dangerous trait, but a difficult one to tame. As your better judgement wrestles for control, the mystery shuffles closer. Just as you make up your mind to turn and run your eyes find themselves glued to an unimaginable sight. Time moves glacially as the details imprint themselves on your memory permanently. It's serpentine body is a mottled leather that combines all the colours and wrinkles of a month-old corpse. If that weren't bad enough, parts of the creature seem to glint ivory in the dim light and a tail whips out behind it scratching horribly along the concrete wall. As it pulls itself forward with two surprisingly dexterous clawed arms you realize you are holding your breath. You hope to all the pantheons that it hasn't noticed you, that maybe it's blind... But with one impossibly quick lunge the monstrosity has closed the distance and you catch your own reflection in its' hungry eyes. It was curiosity that killed the cat afterall. 
A creature I designed from scratch. I imagine they live where it's dark, dank and at least relatively dry. They wouldn't be opposed to living in sewers or underground caves, but they'd have nice dry nests. Then again, maybe some have adapted to living in wetter environments and enjoy never having that wrinkly skin dry out. I have dubbed them 'Flesh Raspers' for the sound their dry skin, clinking bone growths and rattled tail make.