Conrad the Cat

I had the pleasure of taking on a commission for a friend where I turned their adorable housecat into a chibi. I'm very happy with how these turned out, and now without further ado, I introduce to you, Conrad the Cat! 

Conrad the Cat as a Chibi

Conrad the Cat done in my Hardline Style

And here is the Real Conrad the Cat! (Picture (c) Conrad's owner, Br1gz)

Merry Xmas!

2016 - Day 358:
Now, though my family celebrates Christmas on the 24th, I thought I would extend the happy wishes to everyone who celebrates today as well! 

Turns out that they were worrying for no reason, and best of friends will still be best of friends. ^_^ 

Happy Holidays!

'Oops' - for the CDChallenge

2016 - Day 273: 
I was hoping to find more time to work on a piece for this project, but all of a sudden it's the last day of the month and where has all the time gone?! Anyway, I found the Character Design Challenge and decided this is a fun way to share some art every month and I would like to start participating monthly, soooo long story short, here is my entry for the theme 'Centaur'. 

Since I was short on time, I opted to make my entry in my Chibi style, and I am quite happy with how it turned out! 

ShadowNET Snoos Batch #2

2016 - Day 267:
Wayyy back when (near, if not at, the very beginning of this blog, actually!) I had done a batch of Snoos based on RPG characters for the game of Shadowrun being run on r/shadownet, and I was back again yesterday and today doing a brand new batch of some of the newer characters! 
These were a lot of fun to do! If you were still interested in getting one made of your character(s), they are being offered for $5 (they count as a Super Chibi), and you can order them directly from my chibi art page! 


2016 - Day 265:
Okay sooooo today.... all of a sudden.... there was a small herd of goats on our patio staring into our kitchen. We don't own goats.... and weren't expecting their little curious faces to be looking for our attention. Needless to say, me and Shane as the local pet-catchers of the neighbourhood rounded the little rascals up, collared and leashed them and went a-wandering to find their home. Turns out they had figured out how to open their pen's gate and had went exploring, but now we know where they came from in case it happens again! These guys were super cute and affectionate, like dogs with an I'll-eat-anything diet, so no big deal, and all in all a rather amusing event! So I decided to draw up some goat chibis to wrap up the day.