Character Morph: Meriwether Faeriefeather

2016 - Day 321:
I was asked to revisit a character portrait that I had completed something like a year ago... wow it's been a while. And I was asked to take it and tweak the character a little to add a wizard hat & book for their new and totally not the same character Meriwether Faeriefeather. 
I couldn't help doing a bit of repainting but overall the image is very much the same and did not receive an anatomy update (just some smoothing really). I think one of these days when I have a few spare hours I would like to pick out a painting I did a long time ago and repaint it to see how much I've learned since. 

ShadowNET Snoos Batch #2

2016 - Day 267:
Wayyy back when (near, if not at, the very beginning of this blog, actually!) I had done a batch of Snoos based on RPG characters for the game of Shadowrun being run on r/shadownet, and I was back again yesterday and today doing a brand new batch of some of the newer characters! 
These were a lot of fun to do! If you were still interested in getting one made of your character(s), they are being offered for $5 (they count as a Super Chibi), and you can order them directly from my chibi art page! 

Character Concept: Cybernetic Sniper

2016 - Day 266:
I had a lot of fun designing some characters today, and one of those was this lovely lady! She is a cybernetic sniper, but with all she's been through, who knows what else she's proficient in?

If you are interested in 'adopting/winning' this concept and the personal use rights to this design & art piece, tell me a story about her in the comments below! She was designed in mind to become a Shadowrunner (RPG game Shadowrun), so tell me what got her there, why she keeps going, and maybe what her endgoals are. Bring this character to life.

Myself and StrikingCrayon, will select our favourite entry as winner at the end of the month.  

The owner of this design is now u/AngryDonkey123

This is my new Hardline Style that I've been developing, and I think I've finally sorted out my pricing for it, so expect to see a new page with all the details and order forms in my Special Projects within the next day or two if you wanted to see your character drawn in this style!  

Character Portrait: Gibford Miller

2016 - Day 258:
This piece is long overdue, and as is often the case, after a long time of a piece sitting still I will scrap it and redo it from scratch, and that's exactly what I did here. I redid the entire portrait in my new style, which I have named 'Hardline Style' (because I like labelling/sorting things for sake of tidiness and order).
But  I digress... Here is the ever-curious Gibford Miller, whom departed from his world amidst a mystery full of rats, magic, demons and sinister plots. Gibford Miller is a character owned/played by u/Rokkos, in the one-shots consistent universe of a D&D setting named Mertoth, which you can find more information about here! Come play with us!

As a bonus for those of you who saw the initial portrait that was being made, here is a small side-by-side. I was really unhappy with how it was coming out painted/lineless (as you can see I only got through the top half of him), so it just sat there forever and a day until I came across it today and decided it would be perfect to re-envision in my new style. 


2016 - Day 257:
I'm trying to define my cartoon-y/comic-y style, and I think I am right where I want it to be here. A few things were messier than expected, but I think if I do a few more pieces like this I will be comfortable offering this style up to you guys for commissions! I already have so many ideas for characters that would look amazing in this sort of style. 
((PS. Might need to come up with a better name for this style x.x))

Cursed Gold

2016 - Day 229:
I am very happy with how this piece turned out! The subject is a Frigate Chaser, which is a closed species designed by Smooshkin  (More info here)
This is a contest entry in a Draw-to-Adopt event, so fingers crossed! 

I'm also thinking about pinning down a price to start offering portraits like this one. (Flat textured fullbody with a textured background and an ornamental frame) 
Let me know if you'd be interested!