Practicing Cell-shading

I feel so much more relaxed to be able to just share work with you when I have something to show you, instead of being forced to come up with something everyday. 

So today (and part of yesterday), I decided to give my cell-shading some practice and so I have 2 coloured sketches I did as a warmup, and a fully-rendered fullbody as well. The one on the left is the fully rendered piece, with 2 layers of shading and 1.5 layers of highlights/lighting, and I'm quite happy with the result! I think my anatomy has made another jump forward, so while it's still far from perfect, I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

I'm thinking once I have a few more samples of offering up pagedolls in this cell-shaded style, which would be just like the guy on the left here, minus any background. Pagedolls make great headers or page-breaks in character journals, so I might actually guinea-pig the idea on a few of my own characters to test out how it goes. 

This character is called Mato, and he is owned by Eylaki on DeviantArt. He is a Vayron.