Malthaea SemiChibi

2016 - Day 119:
Please welcome my newest D&D character, Malthaea Moonbreeze! (SemiChibi Style)

Malthaea Moonbreeze is a wanderer, always seeking knowledge and the discovery of new things. The alabaster moon-elf dresses practically for her adventures, wielding a longbow and shortsword (and a hidden dagger). As is the case with all elves, her age is very difficult to discern but to a skilled eye one might notice that she isn't quite as lithe and quick as the younger elves, and perhaps most telling of all, her interest in other humanoids seems to be purely platonic.

As many long-lived individuals often do, Malthaea has taken to travelling to fulfill her desire for knowledge and discovery. Over time she found herself craving the companionship of something with a more similar life-span to her own and sought out the knowledge of familiar summoning, because what lives longer than a summoned spirit? Ever since, a small raven can often be found roosting close by or perching on her shoulder or pack. 

Among her research for summoning a companion, Malthaea stumbled across some very dark magics. The ancient leatherbound tome (which she refers to as the Book of Shadows) that she now carries on her person at all times scribes the ramblings of a madman. But every tall tale has it's kernels of truth... and she won't allow anyone else near the passages that inadvertently allowed her to tap into the mighty Fenrir's chaotic and otherworldly power. The newly formed warlock (a few centures ago) set out to find answers to the unanswerable questions of the universe, and has ever since been looking to help stow away this potentially dangerous knowledge from hands which would use it for darker means. 

To Gather Feathers

2016 - Day 23:
This is one of my OCs (original characters), Buu! She is mute and was born without a tail. As for her species, she's a kirin hybrid hence the curly horn and scaled shins. I went ahead and chose her today as my subject because I'm in need of a new wallpaper for my desktop (only 1920x1080), and she's been bouncing around inside of my head for a while now. She's trotting off in search of colourful feathers for her collection.