Sun&Moon Starter Pokemon Wallpapers!

2016 - Day 131:
So excited!!! So I made a bunch of wallpapers to share with you guys. Make sure to have a look through the carousel below, and if you find one you like, head down into the links to get to where you can download them. (Both 4k and 1920x1080 resolutions available)

To download the wallpapers, follow the links below: 

All 3 :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Rowlet :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Litten :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]
Popplio :  [ 1920x1080 ]  or  [ 4k ]

One Small Droid in a Big Universe

2016 - Day 10:
One Small Droid in a Big Universe
A quick speedpaint today, trying to portray some emotions about being alone, whether that is loneliness or independence is upto each viewer. 

Available as a 4k wallpaper, if you'd like to download it for personal use you can grab it from my deviantart, [ link here ]

And available as a print on my Society6, [ link here ]

Antique Delicacy

2016 - Day 9:
"Antique Delicacy" 
This ornate butterfly hints at that long forgotten memory of the past. 
In any case, a serene scene that makes a beautiful 4k wallpaper (4096x2160px).
EDIT: So sorry about that, guys! Squarespace resizes images, so if you'd like the full resolution for wallpaper purposes, head over to my deviantart page and download it (right hand side button) : [ link here ]

Also available as a print on my Society6 page, [ here ]

Antique Delicacy