Self-Reflection + Bucket List

I've been neglecting my blog and art-progress in general lately because I've been working on solving some emotional and mental puzzles. As is in my nature, I tend to deep-dive into solving a problem when I allow myself to start unraveling one. I hyper-focus and often leave everything else on the sidelines while I sort things out. Amid all of this I dove into a lot of self-reflection, searching for answers to many personal questions, and re-affirmed that I land squarely into the INTJ Personality type. I have made great strides toward understanding myself from this research and self-analyzing, which I feel is the most important part of the journey; to keep learning and moving forward. 
Now, as is the case with all science and theory, nothing is absolute but we can draw general conclusions with enough information, and even detailed conclusions once enough data is gathered and analyzed. More importantly we can learn a lot along the way, even drawing new conclusions from failures or generalizations. But enough of my rambling. If you want to look into what I'm talking about more, I will give you a very short summary with some links that I found helpful. 

There is a leading theory in psychology that all people fall into psychological types, originally introduced by Carl G Jung in the 1920s, and later developed by Isabel Briggs Myers, with research ongoing to this day, through a tool that is named MBTI Instrument (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). ((More info directly from the source, here: ))

Out of the 16 personality types, I land in the rarest sliver of the population, as an INTJ, and even more rarely as a female INTJ. Instead of making this self-reflection drag on for much longer, I am embedding a helpful info-graphic that is by no means comprehensive, but at least lays down the basics (at the very bottom of this blog post), and if you're interested in reading more, I found that info graphic as well as many other articles from to be very insightful and helpful.
*Please note: (The INTJ 'Facts' that this particular infographic lists are of course generalizations, but I'm sure anyone that knows me would agree that I fit the overall picture being painted to a T.)


Now that I've explained a bit more about myself, I can share with you my ironic and spot-on behaviour when I was faced with some recent life-decisions. I dove straight into making myself an organized and prioritized list, as if it were the only natural course to take. We had a good giggle when Shane pointed out just how me this was. 

So if you would like to follow along, you can find it by clicking this button >


I would like to work on blogging more often, and while I prefer to focus on my art because opening up is hard for me, I think sharing my personal growth is important even though I find it hard to do. This is one of my small steps toward learning how to open up and express myself, so I will occasionally post rambling insanities and insights just like this. (I will make sure to tag them all into the 'Personal' Category to stuff 'em all into the same corner of the internet.) Hopefully the next one is more informative, since this one dragged on as a stumbling introduction. ^-^

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