The Hat is a Bit Much

Beginning work on a large project in the background, so my posts will be a little more scarce until I have stuff to show you from said project. 

In the meantime, here is a piece I completed today that I'm quite happy with. The sketchy linework is done in my natural style because I'm trying to practice and push myself out of drawing things in the same boring shapes that I'm used to. It was the shaded with a 1-layer/step painted shading technique, which helps give it the softer look I was hoping to achieve (as opposed to the hard edges cell-shading gives), since I wanted to try out a few different ways of showing backlighting. And it was all finished off with some simple painted backgrounds. 
They're not perfect, but I'm quite happy with it overall and got to practice a lot of different things in the process!

Character featured, Chiffon #1133