Furvilla Painted Customs

2016 - Day 183:
Today was a long day! And I've got a few more ahead of me. With the open beta launch of a site I've been following (www.furvilla.com ; use referal #6058, please if you choose to register!), I have many commissions to fulfill. This website is a browser-based game of raising villagers and crafting/collecting items. It also has an art aspect to it, where you can colour and edit premade bases so that your villagers are custom and unique. This is what the following are, commissions where I colour and edit the base to fit the intended character. These are super fun to do, so I hope to do many many more! 
The original bases can all be found here

This is Yunonia (c) Yunonia, and the edits I made to it include the hair, rounding the ears, glasses, expression change, tail, fangs and bandana.

This is Charlie (c) GrumpyDogs/Batboy, and the edits I completed on him include custom tail, fangs and his hair!

This is Riley (c) Riley, and I did not do any edits to him, just colouring!