Stages - Sam Baldursen

2016 - Day 40:
This is Sam Baldursen, played by /u/strikingcrayon in an upcoming RPG game of Scion. 
This particular fellow has the uncanny power of being basically invincible against effects that he is oblivious to. So I've displayed several injuries that he may encounter, and should he have not seen them coming, he will magically heal up and be right back to normal in a matter of seconds. Kind of an awesome power.

I am constantly unhappy with my 'natural' style and thus am always striving to change and improve it. This piece is the first in a long time where I am truly happy with my progress. This is the direction I want to train myself to naturally draw in. It's not yet perfect, and doesn't quite feel like it's mine yet, but I am very happy with my progress and expect with a few more practice sessions I might finally be happy with my natural style.