Furvilla Furniture Artist

2016 - Day 340:
Thanks to the internet being out all day yesterday, I am posting this a little late, but I have exciting news to share with everyone! 

The reason I have been busy as of late and some of my daily pieces were sketches instead of full pieces is because I was working on a very big project, and it is now out so I can talk about it! 

I am the new furniture item artist for a website called Furvilla.com

Furvilla is a browser-based game that allows you to create villagers who perform career actions and work together in a really fun inter-dependent world! If you're interested in trying it out, it is now officially released to the public and you can sign up [ HERE! ]

I will be spotlighting some of the pieces for the next 2-3 weeks while I am functionally taking some time off and not starting on any new big commissions or projects until the new year. 
For today, here is a small teaser of some of my favourite items!