Furvilla Furniture Spotlight - QP - Miscellaneous

2016 - Day 362: 
I designed the furniture items for the in-game Housing Feature for www.Furvilla.com, which is a fun and interactive browser-based game.

Today's Furniture Spotlight brings us a closer look at Quetzal Palace's last few 'Miscellaneous' items!

Stars, suns, clouds, glossy surfaces, and finally also some fairy-winged flowers tie up the last few items for Quetzal Palace. I like how peppy and comfortable all of the items looked for Quetzal Palace, and I know that pink is always a sought-after colour for customization features, so there had to be a set of lovely pink furniture somewhere, and this town suited it perfectly. 

Hope you guys like them! Tomorrow we will begin on the very last town's furniture!