Furvilla Furniture Spotlight - Winter Holiday Patterned Items

2016 - Day 356: 
I designed the furniture items for the in-game Housing Feature for www.Furvilla.com, which is a fun and interactive browser-based game.

Today's Furniture Spotlight brings us a closer look at the last of the items from the Winter Holiday event!

I think I had the most fun with these items, getting to pick out a pattern to suit each town and then some colours that went with. I made both blank and patterned versions of each of these items, but in the end only the patterned ones went up on the site, and I think that still left plenty of variation for everyone to enjoy. I hope that these giftboxes will be reused throughout the year in peoples' home furnishings, since they could just as well be gifts for any sort of occasion, so make sure to stock up on those present furnishings! Who's hosting their next birthday party?!

Hope you guys like them! Tomorrow we will have a little something xmas-y, I think!