Furvilla Furniture Spotlight - OF - Soft Items

2016 - Day 350: 
I designed the furniture items for the in-game Housing Feature for www.Furvilla.com, which is a fun and interactive browser-based game.

Today's Furniture Spotlight brings us a closer look at Olde Foxbury's 'Soft' Items!

Olde Foxbury is a town that makes me think Blacksmiths and hand-made everything, so I wanted that to shine through in this set. We went with a nicely contrasting green for the upholstery & the common maple wood, with beautifully hand-crafted iron accents for the corners. 
Seeing as there is actual royalty living in this town, it was only fitting to have the premium colouring feature the red with white & black spotted trim. 

Hope you guys like them! Tomorrow we will take a closer look at Olde Foxbury's Storage Items!