Torq: Revised

2016 - Day 345:
I am interrupting my furniture spotlights to bring an important service announcement to my dear followers. I have revised the creature sketch of one infamous Torq, and am here to present you his newly revised form! What was intended to be just a chibi, kind of got carried away into a flat-colour illustration, so that's a thing!

There were many mis-facts about the creature that have since been rectified, like we know now that it is in fact a very strong swimmer, and that it does seem to have some evolutions, but these have as of yet been undocumented. It is believed that whether through true evolution, or perhaps a form of mega-evolution, Torq will transform itself into an upright anthropomirphic form with tremendous biceps and an even fiercer look overall. Definitely not something you'd want to mess with. 

Anyway, without further ado, here is Torq: Revised, and Torq sporting some holiday wear (gif & flat versions) ;)

Reminder: Torq is an owned entity, please do not use/redistribute/steal him! If you would like to reblog, please do so from my tumblr post! ^_^