Furvilla Furniture Spotlight - DMM - Storage Items

2016 - Day 342: 
I designed the furniture items for the in-game Housing Feature for www.Furvilla.com, which is a fun and interactive browser-based game.

Today's Furniture Spotlight features the 'storage' items from Dragonsmaw Manor.

All of the storage items got to highlight the awkward legginess and monster feet of the horror theme. Additionally, all the drawers and overall shapes are very sharp-cornered and asymmetrical (though we draw the line at cascading books. Come now, those books of witchcraft, wizardry, demon summoning and experimental medical procedures need to be kept neat and tidy... not to mention away from the blood pools.)

One of my favourite items is in this feature, the DMM Kitchen Counter, with the knives casually stored by impaling the cutting surface. 

Hope you guys like them! Tomorrow's spotlight will be DMM's Appliances!