Furvilla Furniture Spotlight - DMM - Appliances

2016 - Day 343: 
I designed the furniture items for the in-game Housing Feature for www.Furvilla.com, which is a fun and interactive browser-based game.

Today's Furniture Spotlight features the 'appliances' from Dragonsmaw Manor.

I think the appliances were probably the most fun DMM items to toy around with before I settled on the square-ish awkward monster shape that makes up the appliances for Dragon's Maw Manor. The general idea was that if the appliance was one that generates heat, it would have it's mouth open and ready to dev- I mean help, and the fridge & freezer stacking combo (If you look closely, it's a smaller monster standing on top of a bigger one!) did the opposite, and keep their mouths closed to keep everything cool until you ask them to open up. I suspect a lunch or two going missing in DMM is a fairly common occurence! The little fire breathing box-monsters seem to come in a pale variety that like to hide inside of safe dens, and the darker variety that may be spotted wandering around the kitchen or rooting around your dining room for scraps when they've forgotten about helping you make the coffee!

Hope you guys like them! Tomorrow's spotlight will wrap up DMM with a few miscellaneous items!