'Friend' - Inktober 2016 #31

2016 - Day 303:
Sometimes 15+15= not enough pages for this kind of project. I'm a dummy and miscounted at the beginning of the month, thinking that it was only 30 days, which left me short a sheet of paper for today's piece. Thus I completed today's piece on a linen-wrapped panel (still flat enough to fit inside a picture frame), in my abstract splatter-style to round the project off! I usually tape off an outer border for these pieces, so this one does have that white spacing around the outside for a crisp look.

These two little bats are best of friends and go everywhere together!

If you are interested in purchasing this original piece listed at $25USD + shipping, please email me (ola@darkmoondancer.com) to sort out details.

Original piece as shown, black ink on a white linen-wrapped panel, approximately 7x10.