Start of the New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful last year, and is looking forward to an even better one coming up! :) 

I am starting a new project for myself, named a Painting a Day. I am going to be posting a new piece everyday that I created that day. Yes, I mean every day. That means that some days it might be a small piece, or even just a sketch or study of some sort, but there will be something every single day.  Most 'work' days I will be committing 3-5 hours to this piece of the day, and on my 'off' days I'll be working lighter. There will still be other posts of various work, so expect to get more than one post while I'm busy creating for you guys :) 

So without further ado, here is my very first day, a small character portrait. 

Disgust - 2016-1