Badges are designed with the intent for use such as profile pictures, user icons, badges for milestones, emotes/emojis for chat services, stickers, etc. As such, these have their own pricing which includes commercial rights automatically. 

They will be originally designed on a 500x500px canvas size and will come with smaller resizes upon request. (If intended for a chatroom such as Twitch or Discord, mention which platform they will be for and I can provide the proper resizes.)

Pricing is in USD, and breaks down into 2 categories: Unique and Transformed.

Unique Badges are new and individual pieces, available with any of my three rights packages (details in my FAQ).

Exclusive rights: $50 each*
Commercial rights: $30 each*
Personal rights: $15 each

*Batch discounts available on unit amounts more than 4. 

Transformed Badges are minor edits, changes or transformations to an already existing Unique Badge, (usually a change of features to represent a different emotion, or a recolour). 

Price: $5 each *Must already have a Unique Badge made by me*

*I will not transform badges made by other artists. For this option to be available you must purchase or already have purchased a Unique Badge from me in the past and I will work off of that.*

Unique Badge Sample: Cat

Unique Badge Sample: Cat

Transformed Badge Sample (recolour): Striped Cat

Transformed Badge Sample (recolour): Striped Cat

Transformed Badge Sample (expression): Evil Cat

Transformed Badge Sample (expression): Evil Cat

Fill out the form below to send me a Badge design inquiry

Filling out the form below is simply an inquiry and holds no obligation to purchase until such time that we agree to go through with the project.

Once we agree to go through with the project and I confirm that I have time to take your order, I will send you a Paypal request for half* of the agreed upon total payment (which is the initial deposit*) to the email you provide in the form. As soon as the initial deposit comes through I will be able to get to work!
Once the final watermarked version is approved I will send a Paypal request for the rest of the payment. Only upon completion of payment in full, I will send you the unwatermarked, higher-resolution version. 
*Initial deposit and payment plans may be negotiated for projects larger than $100, on a case-by-case basis.
**Initial deposits are non-refundable.

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service listed above and within my FAQ.

Badge Design Inquiry Form

Name *
This is for me and for the invoice.
This is what watermark + copyright I will put on the artwork if I put it in my portfolio or blog.
Even if your idea is vague, try to describe what you are looking to end up with. Think of this as the 'summary' box, include specifics in the next box.
If you'd like to go into more detail, please list it here.
Please list urls to website and image references here. If you do not have the images hosted, you can use a free service like Imgur or Photobucket to do so. Linking to an album/collection or Dropbox folder will work also.