Darkmoon "Saphinna" Dancer, aka Ola Andersen

Communication and co-operation. These are the two principles that I focus on when I work with my clients. Ever had an idea that you wanted to bring to life, but didn't quite know how? This is where I excel. My biggest strength is my ability to pinpoint exactly what the client is looking for, and moving the process along to define that desired outcome when they are unsure of what is being sought. I work closely with my clients at every step of the process and together we bring what started as just a thought into the realm of existence. I am the artist that can read over your idea and ask you the right questions to hammer out what effect we are looking to create and then make it happen. As a constantly self-teaching artist, I am capable of mimicking many styles of art digitally. I am always looking for opportunities to expand my expertise, and though I am mainly a digital artist, you will find me dabbling in physical media from time to time. 

I create pieces with my clients just as often as I create pieces for them. Whether you are looking for an artist to work with you on every detail, or an artist who will take an idea and expand on it and bring it to life, I look forward to working with you!

You can find my Prints: > Displate < | > INPrnt < | > Society6 <